Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Enhancements
Improve the safety and convenience of your elevator's riders by replacing older car and hall buttons, telephones and door safety edges with ADA-compliant equipment.  Click here to take an online survey to see if your equipment meet ADA guidelines.

Cab Renovation
Give your elevator a face-lift with modern wall, ceiling and lighting treatments, or stop ongoing damage to cab and hall buttons by having us install vandal-resistant fixtures in your elevator.

Control Modernization
Older systems can be upgraded to provide faster, smoother rides, and to reduce passenger waiting time. We utilize state-of-the-art products from companies such as Motion Control Engineering (MCE), the industry leader in non-proprietary controls. With MCE equipment, you're never a life-long slave to your elevator installation company… Any qualified elevator service organization can maintain your elevators.


This controller provides incredible reliability at a very reasonable cost. The microprocessor is completely field-programmable for a number of different applications. These units come with the latest features and are designed to comply will all applicable codes.

Lins Elevator Service, Inc. is an exclusive installer for Non-Proprietary Elevator Controls in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area



If you have need to modernize your traction elevator, there are two ways to accomplish the job. The first is to utilize your existing generator with a new controller. The second would be to eliminate your generator and install state of the art SCR drive technology.

The SCR Drive system removes a common point of failure in traction systems and replaces it with electronic components. No more brush or bearing replacements, and no more noisy generators. These systems are incredibly clean, quiet and have no vibration. They are also much more reliable that generators and reduce the risk of the elevator stopping off level.

Lins Elevator Service, Inc. is an exclusive installer for Non-Proprietary Elevator Controls in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area

Both systems incorporate "Closed Loop" technology that provides positive feedback from the hoist motor directly to the controller. The system can sense when the elevator is not moving at the correct speed and can adjust it automatically. It also helps prevent over speeding conditions that can lead to accidents.
Whether it is increased reliability or decreased liability, these controllers are the answer to your modernization needs. 





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