Elevator ADA Survey:
  •  Elevator is accessible to wheelchair passengers?
2. Operation    
  •  Elevator is automatic?

  • A self-leveling device stops the car +0.5" from the landing?
3. Hall Call Buttons Yes No
  • Hall stations are centered at 42" above floor?
  • Buttons illuminate when a call is registered?
  • Buttons are flush or raised, not recessed?
  • Button diameter is 0.75" or larger?
  • Objects below the hall station (if any) protrude less than 4"into the hall?
4.  Hall Lanterns Yes No
  • Lanterns are installed on every floor?
  • If No to above, lantern is installed in car?
  • Hall lantern centerline is 72" above floor?
  • Lenses or arrows are at least 2.5" high?
  • Hall/car lanterns are visible from the hall station?
  • An audible signal (1UP, 2 Down) indicates car direction?
5. Door Jamb Markings Yes No
  • Every hoistway entrance contains two (2) jamb plates with raised characters and Braille, with a centerline at 60" above the floor?
  • Characters are 2" high?
  • Doors operate automatically?
  • Doors are equipped with electric eyes at 5" and 29"above floor?
  • If No to above, doors are equipped with an infrared curtain sensor?
  • If door operator has nudging capability, nudging activates after doors are blocked for 20 seconds or more?
  • Nudging is accompanied by a warning buzzer?
6. Door Timing after Hall Calls Yes No
  • Doors stay open at least 5 seconds after being called to a floor?
  • Distance from hall call station

6ft. 5.0 sec. minimum
8ft. 5.3 sec.
10ft. 6.7 sec.
12ft. 8.0 sec.
14ft. 9.3 sec.
16 ft. 10.7 sec.

7. Door Timing for Car Calls Yes No
  • Doors stay open at least 3 seconds after arriving at floor?
8. Floor Plan Yes No
  • Car provides space for wheelchair users to enter, move within reach of the controls, and exit?

[Drawing below is from ANSI A.17.1 According to ADAAG 4.1.6, dimensions may be reduced as required to fit existing shaft. In no case however, shall the car be smaller than 48" x 48".]

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10. Support Bars Yes No
  • Support bars are mounted on the sidewalls and
  • Support bar is 1.5" away from wall; 32"-38" from floor to top of bar?
11. Floor Surfaces Yes No
  • Elevator flooring is firm, stable, and slip resistant?
  • If carpeted, pile is no more than 0.5" thick?
12. Illumination Yes No
  • Illumination at car controls, platform, car threshold, and landing is at least five
  • Emergency lighting has been installed?
13. Car Operating Panel (COP) Yes No
  • For center-opening doors, COP is at front of cab?
  • For side-opening door, COP is at front or side of cab?
  • For SIDE approach panel, operating buttons on car panel are between 35" and 54" above floor?
  • For FRONT approach panel, operating buttons on car panel are between 35" and 48" above floor?
  • COP buttons illuminate when a call is registered?
  • COP buttons are flush or raised, not recessed?
  • COP button diameter is 0.75" or larger?
  • COP buttons have corresponding Braille with raised characters directly to the left?
  • Braille for egress floor includes a star (0)?
  • Emergency STOP and ALARM controls are no lower than 35" above the floor?
  • Emergency communication button is no higher than 48" above the floor?
  • Emergency STOP switch is key-activated?
    [per A17.1/1990 Rule 210.2 (v)]
14. Car Position Indicator Yes No
  • Audible floor passing signal counts floors or makes floor announcements?
15. Emergency Communications Yes No
  • Building is staffed by 24-hour attendant?
  • If Yes, elevator intercom emergency telephone communicates with attendant at primary building entrance?
  • If No, elevator is equipped with an emergency 2 way communication device?
  • Emergency communication device is identified with raised symbol and Braille?

Scoring:  If you have answered NO to any of the questions above, it means that there is non-compliance on that particular area






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