At Lins Elevator Service, Inc.  a long-term service relationship is our goal, which can be seen by the fact that we consistently maintain hundreds of service agreements throughout the South-western Pennsylvania area and have a 98% renewal rate, which illustrates our commitment to customer satisfaction. Below you will find a list of the services we provide through our maintenance / service agreements.

  • 24 hour, 7 day a week call back service.
  • Sprint Nextelģ dispatched service technicians for quick response.
  • Quality preventative maintenance programs to ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Experienced and qualified technicians to maintain all brands of elevators.
  • Complete library of electrical diagrams, technical publication parts, and maintenance data of all major elevator manufacturers.
  • State of the art troubleshooting equipment.
  • A complete inventory of replacement parts for all manufacturers maintained in all locations.

Quality preventative maintenance performed by a properly trained maintenance contractor generally prevents the need for major repair work and/or equipment downtime. Repair work and company losses sustained by equipment downtime can amount to hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars a year for large corporations and manufacturing facilities. Preventative maintenance is the pride of Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís service department. Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís  dispatching system allows us to continuously monitor operational efficiency and log all calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís service department systematically examines elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and misc. lifts.  Lins Elevator Service, Inc. offers a variety of maintenance services which ranges from, a customer such as a hospital which may necessitate weekly visits, to a customer such as a small church in a rural area which may only require quarterly visits. Our maintenance capabilities are not limited to units, which were installed by Lins Elevator Service, Inc., but include units installed by all other elevator contractors also.

Lins Elevator Service, Inc. maintains a library of electrical diagrams, technical publications and maintenance data for all major elevator component manufacturers. Having a vast variety of units already under contract, Lins Elevator Service, Inc. stocks many PC based diagnostic tools. Not only can Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís servicemen troubleshoot most any vertical transportation unit; Lins Elevator Service, Inc. takes pride in our ability to acquire parts for these units regardless of the component manufacturerís location.

Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís service department has two basic service contracts to offer to its potential customers. However, Lins Elevator Service, Inc. is not limited to these two contracts. Either of those contracts can be customized to satisfy the specific needs of our customer. Along with our contracted customers, Lins Elevator Service, Inc. executes the willingness to do repair work and perform state-required test on a non-contract basis. To receive specific information on non-contract customers, please contact our office.

Full Maintenance

Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís standard Full Maintenance contract typically includes visits on a monthly basis.  On some occasions, in properties such as hospitals and some industrial applications this contract can include semi-monthly or weekly visits, depending on the usage of equipment and demand of the customer. Also, in the case of sports facilities and/or any property with large public functions, Lins Elevator Service, Inc. can secure a technician on site during an entire event. This ensures the safe and continuous operation of equipment, eliminating any inconveniences for the public or the property owner. The Full Maintenance contract is recommended for all high usage units.

The full maintenance contract includes routine service visits, replacement material and labor due to normal wear and tear and regular time callbacks. Lubrication of all rotating parts, scheduled adjustments of all major components. NOTE: In some cases overtime callbacks and five- (5) year full load test are included. 

The full maintenance contract does not include vandalism, acts of God, or anything beyond our control. Items excluded include the following: finish of the elevator cab, finish on the cab doors, and finish on the hoistway door panels and frames, car lighting, fan, batteries, telephones, flooring finishes, underground piping, underground hydraulic cylinders, finish on escalator decking, inner panels and walk on panels. Nor does it include any other additional work due to customerís request.

COA Service

Lins Elevator Service, Inc.ís COA (Clean, Oil & Adjust) Service contract typically includes visits on a monthly basis. These visits can be altered to bi- monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Our COA Service contract is ideal for churches, public schools, and small businesses where usage is limited. The COA Service contract is recommended for units, which are not considered high usage units.

COA Service includes routine service visits, clean car top and pit, oil and grease rotating apparatus, and making a report of items which need repair or replacement prior to our next visit. 

COA Service does not include callbacks, repairs, adjustments, material or tests. Replacement parts are not included and all service calls are billable.





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